in solidarity with the moment

i closed my eyes.

let the current take me towards freedom.

the light  so close

illuminated path

rose smeared tears

the signature of beauty.


into a process bigger than i had imagined

allowed fear and beauty to coexist

until i was ready to let it go.

i floated.

until there was no place to go






twisting swirls in my mouth

a surprise gritty chalk

i chewed

until it smoothed into an even tempered caramel sun

kissed the clouds goodbye

let out my final scream

it is finished.

a warrior. child of Light.

my feet

have finally found the path.




for the things i have endured, the strength in faith i have embraced, and the Light that is promised.


today i had margaritas and flautas with my parents in the afternoon. after my long awaited nap, we sat on the couch in our pajamas and on our laptops making fun of tfc .. it is through these moments i am thankful for life, for home and my decision to fight for them.

from an email my dad sent:

“i just wanted to thank you for your prayers and love. thank you for the visits, thank you for the ensure (it really helped me a lot), thank you for the phone calls, the many text messages and emails of infos and encouragements, it filled my days and kept me going, thank you for the generosity and thoughtfulness, a perspective that i’m not alone, thank you for getting together last christmas (sleeping much better huh?) and yes, thank you for your forgiveness….  thank you for honoring your vow “in sickness and in health” you are my “fear factor” hero, (appreciated the sponge baths and the labatiba flush, that was fun). thank you for moving back from LA, it made me look forward to new mornings, and most of all, thank you for all the support and serenity for my hero and my princess in giving them the strength and the courage to go through this battle…

as the story goes… the good samaritan cared for the man…

… i remember, it was once taught “magmamahalan kayo” – the joy i found in each of you, a life enJOYed is worth living,  my family, my samaritans – God BlessYou.”

a life enJOYed is worth living.

go get it dad 🙂


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