thoughts on the CSET

so i just took a wonderful 5 hour long test called the cset. while i feel that this test is designed for people to be (i met a girl after who had failed it 3 times already) .. there were wise things to be learned..or just keep my mind off the numbness that slowly occurred during the test …

1. why the no.2 pencil? what happened to the no.1 pencil? is the no.1 pencil the ultimate fail whale? and does no.3 feel a continual sense of being so close yet so far??

2. i remember someone once saying that KP will give you the skills you need for EVERYTHING in life. there was a whole section on the CSET on theater: blocking, performance, and stage ques – who knew entering stage right and telling nelson the lights need to be changed on center stage would help me write a 5 paragraph essay on what a director could possibly do to engage an audience  .. haha



vandalism #1: i dunt trust people cos dey alwaiz leave so don trus people cos dey will go away

vandalism #2: i don’t trust people who have bad grammar. don’t redundancy and syntax mean anything to you people!?!

vandalism #3: you guys are asian huh?


so i just finished babysitting my beautiful niece Jesse and i’m on vacation with my parents in the east coast…i have no idea what’s next. im praying for direction and peace within the ambiguity.

i must say though..i will miss this little one. ❤

this is one of the most peaceful things i have experienced =) thank you superWHY haha

this is one of the most peaceful things i have experienced =) thank you super why !


for my namesake

Unfinished and written wayyyyy too late in the night..

for Grandma Bien and the wonderful 90 years she’s lived as amazing ..

for Gen’s Lola that lives on in Gen’s beauty ..

for Dunn’s Inay who i continue to fall in love with and thank daily for the wonderful life she lived and  passed on through Dunn

for all mother’s and lola’s continuing to be our strength and inspiration..

Happy Mother’s Day ❤

90 years old and STILL getting down on the dance floor!!

90 years old and STILL getting down on the dance floor!!

Bananas and Rice
Her hands.
I watch them mash the bananas into her left over rice.
Is this the source of her longevity?
Or is it her hands that methodically work steady to continue life.
They are rough with endurance,
soft with wisdom.

Today she is beautiful,
Her success, measured in the stories her hands bear.
Etched into the crevices created by endurance.
The children she held in escape,
The chalk she used to educate,
The lives she helps to sustain.

There are moments in her hands that I hope will never be forgotten.
I will sit within them and take the time to smell them,
Kiss them.
Pray with them.
I will hold your hands to my cheeks and feel the Son that powered you to be.
I will hold them upon my heart and hope, just hope, that the love you learned will imprint itself onto mine.

Today, you are the reason we exist.
Perseverance manifested in family.
Know that you extended love and created a legacy.
You planted your feet in a dream,
and did not move until we all found it too-
Thank you.

You are the premise to the promise of being wonderful.
The “SHE” that lives wildly, carefully within each footprint of our souls.
Your rhythm carries us to move confidently away from fear.
We draw strength and inspiration from your common ground.
I merely gaze at you and know there is beauty to be found.
We love you.
Because you are the SHE we strive to be.

And because today,
SHE is amazing.
The source of life weaved into a powerful life force that moves delicately in positivity.
She is Grandmother, Mother, Aunt, and Woman –
Equivalent to Strength
Expert on Beautiful
and more than deserving of Love.

mothers day 2009


All I’ve seen and reveled in this past week is excitement and pride over the post colonial manny vs. hatton fight.. What has been overlooked by Fil Ams, who feel like we’re finally getting somewhere, is the controversy over Martin Nievera’s rendition of the national anthem.

Yes it was a deviation from the original anthem, but who knew it would warrant national controversy? So basically, the Philippines (yes the entire country ha) is calling it “unconstitutional” because of a law that states, “The rendition of the flag ceremony in official or civic gatherings shall be simple and dignified and shall include the playing or singing of the anthem in its original Filipino lyrics and march tempo.” DUB. TEE. EFF. !?!

While the First Man (GMA’s hubby) was caught in millions of dollars of scandal, while Presbyterian pastors are being arrested for fighting for justice, while people are dying in the streets – they want to fine and possibly lock up Martin for a remix? MYMP better watch out.

I don’t even know why it surprises me..this coming from a country that continually picks light skinned, no talent, skinny Mestizo contestants on every reality TV show and a country that still refuses to acknowledge the disparity between rich and poor. While we take a step in the American eye as Pilipin@s, I feel we consistently stay still, regress, and continue to stay ignorant in (and in relation to) the homeland.


in a time of ambiguity i stay close and focused on light and faith .. tryna stay grounded in this unbelievable path ..

“For without doubt there is a future,

and your hope will not be cut off.” Proverbs 23:18


thanks dianne for encouraging me to blog..imma try to do this more i so often say haha ❤