All I’ve seen and reveled in this past week is excitement and pride over the post colonial manny vs. hatton fight.. What has been overlooked by Fil Ams, who feel like we’re finally getting somewhere, is the controversy over Martin Nievera’s rendition of the national anthem.

Yes it was a deviation from the original anthem, but who knew it would warrant national controversy? So basically, the Philippines (yes the entire country ha) is calling it “unconstitutional” because of a law that states, “The rendition of the flag ceremony in official or civic gatherings shall be simple and dignified and shall include the playing or singing of the anthem in its original Filipino lyrics and march tempo.” DUB. TEE. EFF. !?!

While the First Man (GMA’s hubby) was caught in millions of dollars of scandal, while Presbyterian pastors are being arrested for fighting for justice, while people are dying in the streets – they want to fine and possibly lock up Martin for a remix? MYMP better watch out.

I don’t even know why it surprises me..this coming from a country that continually picks light skinned, no talent, skinny Mestizo contestants on every reality TV show and a country that still refuses to acknowledge the disparity between rich and poor. While we take a step in the American eye as Pilipin@s, I feel we consistently stay still, regress, and continue to stay ignorant in (and in relation to) the homeland.


in a time of ambiguity i stay close and focused on light and faith .. tryna stay grounded in this unbelievable path ..

“For without doubt there is a future,

and your hope will not be cut off.” Proverbs 23:18


thanks dianne for encouraging me to blog..imma try to do this more often..as i so often say haha ❤


2 thoughts on “dub.

  1. r2dunny says:

    Interesado. It is interesting that they try to put forward a veil of dignity at the cost of stunted innovation when the country produces more covers and rehashes of songs than any other place on earth. I really dislike Martin but hey he took a chance.

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