i’m on a roll..like butter??

ha. (thanks ate jimi for the simile)

first i saw the picture.

and then i saw the video.

thee most amazing use of post it notes. bar none. (i have no idea what that means but it just sounds so appropriate haha)


t h r 3 3

in a recent email thread started by heidi, forcing me to be reflective and nostalgic, miguel proposed a question .. “who are you now?” .. in 3 words. well that’s easy! haha ..while i was daunted by the task, i always welcome (or try to) moments to reflect specifically on who i have become and where i am at ..

some responses :

rebuilding ancient ruins

still finding story

humbled in simplicity

embracing God’s timing

[and mine] moved by MAYhem.

… after a very unrooted, tumultuous, adventurous, surprising, growing 6 months – i will be finally be experiencing a little bit of stability. tomorrow i will be moving to san francisco for 3 months due to a summer job. i am blessed and amazed daily at God’s provisions and the doors He opens.

if you know me, you know i hate change and i love stability and routine in my life (esp cuz i never really have it) so i intend to love the crap out of these next 3 months..no more 8 dollar toll ..no more driving back to vallejo at 3 in the morning .. no more living out of bag. all i can say is … ….. ….. …. …. yee!

i’m feeling liberated through a cascade of colors delighting my excited palette.

can you taste it?

definitely ready. definitely moved.


….so. what’s your 3 words?

ready…set ……go ………….

words in art be turnin me

Mira Schendel, a Brazilian artist, is featured alongside Leon Ferrari at MoMa in New York. She. is. the ish.

Her art really caught my eye because of her use of letters and words. I always struggle when doing visual art because I always want words to be included – I want the meaning to be clear and exactly as I want. She puts the two together flawlessly. She uses letters to acknowledge the power of language in social movements. Through careful choice and the use of patterns in language, she recognizes that our words and the decision to use them can be, will be, and is the power of the people – and the subtext to revolution.

“Anyone can read and reread my scribbles on paper, but no one can read time.” Mira Schendel



i love art. while i’d love my art to be clear and uninterpreted i think that the mystery of the craft is one of its jewels. though we can appreciate art completely, through connecting to it & attempting to interpret it, really – we’ll never know all the secrets an art piece holds. it’s like looking into someone’s personal inside joke. i’ll never really know what Picasso was thinking when he painted his locked up lover or Mira Schendel’s letter choice. this particular ambiguity, i mos def dig.

a moment of silence please..

for it is a new season.

things are a changing. while i reflect on the things that are changing in my life, one of them sparks as the true sign of seasons changing – the death of auto-tune. while i thought i was the only one getting tired of the use of auto-tune, especially when amazing singer jamie foxx used it, apparently i am not.

jay-z’s new song is implicit saying, “This is anti-autotune/Death of the ringtone/This ain’t for iTunes/This ain’t for sing-a-longs/This is [Frank] Sinatra at the opera/Bring a blonde, preferably with a fat a** who can sing a song/Wrong, this ain’t politically correct/This might offend my political connects”

so don’t get it twisted this 40 year old rapper is out to get you. he goes on to call out folks and recognizes that some people tastefully use it – and then compares the current quality of music to the recession – ha. yes that’s what we should be worried about.

now, im no hip hop expert/elitest/backpacker with long hair and a radio station (ha) but i wonder if we’re just getting old because we don’t like or understand the music of today’s generation (ie you’re a jerk – catchy but wtf!?!). with countless accounts of folks saying, “what happened to the music of nate dogg and dj bass all stars!?!” are we just being nostalgic and wanting for some good ol picnic worthy music? … or .. is the music just bad? ha

i also wonder if this is a self reflective piece for jay z being that kanye is one of his producers (lover of the auts) and that i heard (ya i heard) that he originally used auto tune when he first recorded the album ..and when he realized the interest was waning he went back in with kanye and redid most of the album. (kinda modes yea?)

i also wonder if t pain really felt honored after sharing the stage with him and jay z performing this song. haha … awkward! anywho..that is all.

i like jay z… and any man who can hang with beyonce is cool with me – ha.


this picture is so unrelated ..but its cute .. hahaha ……………………”yup!”