a moment of silence please..

for it is a new season.

things are a changing. while i reflect on the things that are changing in my life, one of them sparks as the true sign of seasons changing – the death of auto-tune. while i thought i was the only one getting tired of the use of auto-tune, especially when amazing singer jamie foxx used it, apparently i am not.

jay-z’s new song is implicit saying, “This is anti-autotune/Death of the ringtone/This ain’t for iTunes/This ain’t for sing-a-longs/This is [Frank] Sinatra at the opera/Bring a blonde, preferably with a fat a** who can sing a song/Wrong, this ain’t politically correct/This might offend my political connects”

so don’t get it twisted this 40 year old rapper is out to get you. he goes on to call out folks and recognizes that some people tastefully use it – and then compares the current quality of music to the recession – ha. yes that’s what we should be worried about.

now, im no hip hop expert/elitest/backpacker with long hair and a radio station (ha) but i wonder if we’re just getting old because we don’t like or understand the music of today’s generation (ie you’re a jerk – catchy but wtf!?!). with countless accounts of folks saying, “what happened to the music of nate dogg and dj bass all stars!?!” are we just being nostalgic and wanting for some good ol picnic worthy music? … or .. is the music just bad? ha

i also wonder if this is a self reflective piece for jay z being that kanye is one of his producers (lover of the auts) and that i heard (ya i heard) that he originally used auto tune when he first recorded the album ..and when he realized the interest was waning he went back in with kanye and redid most of the album. (kinda modes yea?)

i also wonder if t pain really felt honored after sharing the stage with him and jay z performing this song. haha … awkward! anywho..that is all.

i like jay z… and any man who can hang with beyonce is cool with me – ha.


this picture is so unrelated ..but its cute .. hahaha ……………………”yup!”


5 thoughts on “a moment of silence please..

  1. shaniqua says:

    well i just want to say i hate jay z he is wack and to cocky for his own good because he,s not hot and he need to seat down with his ugly ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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