words in art be turnin me

Mira Schendel, a Brazilian artist, is featured alongside Leon Ferrari at MoMa in New York. She. is. the ish.

Her art really caught my eye because of her use of letters and words. I always struggle when doing visual art because I always want words to be included – I want the meaning to be clear and exactly as I want. She puts the two together flawlessly. She uses letters to acknowledge the power of language in social movements. Through careful choice and the use of patterns in language, she recognizes that our words and the decision to use them can be, will be, and is the power of the people – and the subtext to revolution.

“Anyone can read and reread my scribbles on paper, but no one can read time.” Mira Schendel



i love art. while i’d love my art to be clear and uninterpreted i think that the mystery of the craft is one of its jewels. though we can appreciate art completely, through connecting to it & attempting to interpret it, really – we’ll never know all the secrets an art piece holds. it’s like looking into someone’s personal inside joke. i’ll never really know what Picasso was thinking when he painted his locked up lover or Mira Schendel’s letter choice. this particular ambiguity, i mos def dig.

One thought on “words in art be turnin me

  1. r2dunny says:

    I love that about art… the inside joke aspect. That is seriously one of the motivations behind my creative attempts. I love when i know something that people will never know even though they are staring right at it.

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