t h r 3 3

in a recent email thread started by heidi, forcing me to be reflective and nostalgic, miguel proposed a question .. “who are you now?” .. in 3 words. well that’s easy! haha ..while i was daunted by the task, i always welcome (or try to) moments to reflect specifically on who i have become and where i am at ..

some responses :

rebuilding ancient ruins

still finding story

humbled in simplicity

embracing God’s timing

[and mine] moved by MAYhem.

… after a very unrooted, tumultuous, adventurous, surprising, growing 6 months – i will be finally be experiencing a little bit of stability. tomorrow i will be moving to san francisco for 3 months due to a summer job. i am blessed and amazed daily at God’s provisions and the doors He opens.

if you know me, you know i hate change and i love stability and routine in my life (esp cuz i never really have it) so i intend to love the crap out of these next 3 months..no more 8 dollar toll ..no more driving back to vallejo at 3 in the morning .. no more living out of bag. all i can say is … ….. ….. …. …. yee!

i’m feeling liberated through a cascade of colors delighting my excited palette.

can you taste it?

definitely ready. definitely moved.


….so. what’s your 3 words?

ready…set ……go ………….


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