**disclaimer. i am writing this under the influence of jetlag so pardon me if it makes no sense ha

for the past summer i’ve had this on my desktop:


this was the mantra many times over as i mulled over disciplines, redefinition, and the path my life has been taking. i tried with all my might to secure a place in the bay area to be close to home, but as the summer (or whatever san francisco’s version of summer is – fog and rain) happened, God happened.

fast forward (cuz that’s what the summer felt like – was i really ever in sf?) and im here in the Philippines to work for my old church . i’ll be evaluating their educational programs and hopefully help to deliver quality education to low income schools. everything i have been doing back in the states up to now i feel has been preparing me for this and i know that there is STILL much more to learn about education and its adaptation to low income communities, effects on my heart, and status here in the Philippines (that was a long sentence huh?)

there is always a double truth. oh double consciousness. i met someone on the plane who hadn’t been back to the philippines for 16 years and she was asking me about how it was in the philippines – hmm..all sorts of identity complications. when i arrived and we were driving from the airport i felt my heart, consciousness, and love for the Philippines familiarly complicate itself in my head. staring at the streets from the comfort of a car was comfortable and unreal. seeing the jeepneys that i used to ride with ease made my privilege scream from within my matching luggage. & the mall @ cubao. oh the mall, the ultimate shining establishment of contradiction. again & as always, no answers just questions, admiration, and hope.

i am (getting) (almost) (never) ready. continually praying for guidance, provision, and strength to deal with the surprises, challenges, and AMAZING food i am going to challenge my tummy with. hahaha to curiosity!

summer notes.

did i really just spend an hour looking at harry potter merchandise? i love you dumbledore.

fionna you kicked my butt (& shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps, abs, & limit) – twas amazing

i will be present at all my children’s open houses and make them dope lunches

san francisco, i am not done with you.

i may retire in LA just for hot dogs and shoes

spoiled kids suck

karaoke + bay area fam = automatic elationess !

it’s a new season ya’ll. here we go!