awesomeness of the week

or possibly crush of the week.

ha so i’ve been watching a lot of tv .. reading a lot of blogs ..and being more observant this past month and some folks / things have really caught my eye .. and i decided to share them with you as my awesomeness/crush of the week/day/month or however often i find them hahaha todays awesomeness. chris rock.


oh chris rock. i’ve always thought his loud voice and trademark smile was infectious but his recent release of good hair has really shot up his crush appeal. this documentary is a look at black women’s hair and the industry. he says it started with his daughter and through the many interviews he’s had – he has proven to be an involved father and dedicated researcher guy.

on tyra, he hugged a woman who was crying because she was upset with her hair and he offered to marry her (as to which i too raised my hand ha). in my cynical mind he saw a financial opportunity but in my ethnic studies heart, i know he sees the problems with america’s ambivalence to it’s notions of beauty and hopes to medicate through humor – or at least expose the problem. he may not completely understand, but at least he tried. (btw if the movie sucks i may have to revoke his awesomeness ha)

apart from this documentary – he is brilliant. (straight up bend it like beckham accent and everything) his use of humor to surface community hurts quickly turns into the perfect ethn101 lesson – easily swallowed, poignantly direct, and surprisingly moving.

i vote that his next career move would be to do travel nationally and do a series of lectures that are hilarious .. which well..his comedy act. hahaha nevermind.


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