awesomeness of my life

i had hella things i wanted to write about .. my quick hiatus in the city..alicia and my quiet obsession with her desperation..detox and indulging. but alas, its always something else that truly moves me to take a moment and share.

lin manuel miranda.

swoooon. haha lin manuel is the writer of the musical in the heights. in the heights is an amazing, shall i say riverting, musical about life in washington heights and is pivotal being the only musical on broadway talking about immigration, hip hop, people of color, gentrification and community. growing up on musicals like cats, sound of music, and grease i have seen my share of cheesy ameriKKKan musicals (that i love fsho) but this one straight shifted my paradigm. see a stage with a cast of color, talking about dilemmas, identities, questions i could relate to – was just dope. haha im not too articulate tonight eh? just think PCN on crack .. its 60% in rap. the dancers look like they could be on ABDC. and theyre talking about themes a privileged audience would never otherwise would have heard of …. dope. right?

anyway.. lin manual started writing this musical his sophomore year in college and finished it by the time he was 26. won 4 tonys. exudes swag. was on sesame street. FREESTYLED his tony acceptance speech. and. AND!! performed at the first ever white house poetry slam. damn. need i say more? oh yea, he’s marrying his high school sweetheart. CMAN!!! this man has articulated feelings into a show .. has validated our existence on Broadway .. and keeps striving to be innovative and meaningful and revolutionary…no para sige sige 😉


to close some april lovelies ❤

” And when you have the courage to advance confidently in the direction of you dreams, you begin to draw upon the power of the universe…life gives you what you ask of it. It is always listening.” (thanks lie for this weeks daily mantra)

max make reality worth savoring

the coolest bookends i've seen..i heart the dragon!

disney for days

its called the wipe shirt..the black corner on the bottom is special fabric to wipe your glasses and phone..amazing!

– best indulged w:

black mermaid: esthero. from the west side with love.

sex therapy f/ luda. que and dawn. all is well. rude boy.

there goes my baby. nujabes everything.  unthinkable.

wale: pretty girls. –


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