just call me..MASTER

day 10. conquered.

so it all began with paksiw. lechon to be exact. when my cousin jill came home for 2 months it was nothing but lechon, cheetos, quesedillas, yo gabba gabba, tv, internet, and more lechon. when we went to the philippines we upgraded the experience to a different country and more cultural foods – garlic smothered crispy pata, every type of inahaw bbq, pillows (chocolate filled chips), mango juice, and pandesal (every morning about 5 rolls to be exact). O M G. by the time jill left, although thankfully she had gotten me through a tough time in my life, regretfully i felt like a walking tub of lard.

enter: the master cleanse. 10 days of laxative tea, a salt water flush, and a strict spicy lemonade diet.

i did it for a few reasons:

1. i told myself, “i could never do that!” thus, i had to do it. haha i hate being told i can’t.

2. 3 types of crispy pata in one week. seriously? if i didnt cleanse, these moments of craziness woulda haunted my tum tum forever.

3. detox and indulge. my theme for this personal season has been to “indulge” : in the city, in art, fashion, God, relationships, adventure, overall life and importantly, my health. and to indulge (and essentially invest) in my health meant that i had to detox and get things straight in terms of my approach to eating.

4. discipline. i suck at discipline. i am the number one procrastinator and excuse maker – esp when i make rules for myself. “im gonna read one chapter a day” “i’m not gonna eat sugar for 3 months!” haha..this is was to prove to myself that i have the self control and will power necessary to finish the cleanse.

and i do 🙂

today is my last day, and i feel freakin accomplished haha i’ve learned so much about myself and the things i am capable of. from being able to take the salt water flush to the discipline of a rigorous early routine – these days have definitely stretched me.

the first couple of days i was not only so tired and caffeine deprived but also amazed by how much i think about food! haha.. everything is centered around food in my life and while food is cultural, it shouldnt be the reason i live.

in not eating, and surviving the boiling crab, dnbs, the oyster bar (OMG) – i was able to focus on relationships and talking to everyone..rather than focusing on what i ordered. i also realized that i do not need food to be happy.. haha you laugh, but im totally the fat bastard from austin powers! AND i can thrive on natural energy. after the 5th day hump, i had so much natural energy, i felt like doing cartwheels (i settled for a high jump kick due to my vertigo haha).

[random TMI note: after 9 days of not eating ..you still are going ..to the bathroom haha..and i can’t help but wonder, “what the heck is left in there!?!”]

i honestly dont know how much i weigh now cuz i didn’t want it to be about that so i didn’t and haven’t weighed myself. all that matters is that i feel lighter, cleaner, and ready to make a lifestyle change in the way i eat and approach food.

thank you to everyone who kept me sane these past 10 days ..for encouraging me, educating me, hiding your food, and lying to me about how it tasted haha we shall celebrate soon enough 🙂

i heart you food but no more abusive relationship..and no more cheetos for breakfast 🙂

for those who are interested: GARLIC SMOTHERED CRISPY PATA ..you live forever in my heart


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