our superwoman, callin out them jane does, full figured hero. alicia keys, le sigh.

i had been resisting listening to alicia keys’ new album knowing that there are no songs about boobie empowerment and is the showcase to her current relationship with swizz beatz (to put it simply, she jacked mashonda, swizz beatz (now) ex wife) .. but then i got stuck on “unthinkable”

from the beginning, this song exudes a melacholy romanticism that sinks you into her desperation. she tells the story of when she finally gives into this controversial love and belts, croons, cries that “she(‘s) ready.” while i listened, i couldnt help but think damn this must suck for mashonda .. but then alica uses phrases like “i think i deserve it” and “destiny” (which isnt a phrase haha).. you can hear the torment in her voice, the questions in her lyrics…now i dont know anything about stealing someone’s husband, but i do know desperation in love. and as i listened to this song, even though i didn’t personally relate to it, i felt her.

i started thinking about alicia’s songs and how they encapsulate a feeling. her songs feel like a whole package, a journey that delivers you to an experience. for example, in “you dont know my name,” the riffs she sings, the sighs, the lyrics – that’s how you feel when you’re crushin (and stalking someone on that daily to see what he drinks haha) .. or “teenage love affair” ..haha that song makes me giggle. it makes me feel like how i felt when i was a teen and madly infatuated (at Bible study hahah). or most importantly, “superwoman.” cuz that is the freakin anthem for the days you feel like world equates you to ultimate caretaker, lover, friend, breadwinner, sexy…

that’s what makes her songs transcend the radio..its as if it leaps off the speakers, into your heart, and finds the perfect memory to feel while you’re listening..its like she knows you and has written the soundtrack to all your movie moments (creeeepy!!) .. which is why maybe people haven’t been (outwardly) calling her a homewrecker..why we stood by her as she publicly destroyed a family .. or, it may just be the booty haha

whichever it is, alicia, you the shiet.

(random thoughts in between patients..what a day haha)

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