just be.

during a rare moment alone in austin i was wandering and found this ring. silver, simple, and telling.


i usually dont pay more than $5 for jewelry but for some reason, i bought this ring without even thinking. during this time in my life, this simple ring reminded me of a lesson i’ve long forgotten. just be. in a time of chaos, uncertainty, judgment, and questions .. i realize that i need to give myself the freedom to just be. this freedom has been a theme in my current life and each day, it seems to be teaching me new things. so i came up with the idea of documenting the JUST BE moments i’ve been encountering. while it may not be too profound i’ve found comfort in this silver lining to my every day ..and well yea thats all. shoot …just let me be 🙂

my ring + betsy = my fave AUSome austin finds


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