gold for global goodness =)

   InstantCash For Your Gold !
Bring your unwanted gold, broken necklaces, rings, earrings,
broaches, bangles, bracelets, dental gold, etc.
To determine the quality, we’ll test them for you.
 155 Bayside Terrace
 Vallejo, CA 94591
Connie Dayan
 (707) 647-1414   Home
Helen Roque
We would like to invite all of you to come to our fund raising event on Saturday, October 29, 2011.
You will have a chance to support our upcoming Hatid Biyaya Mission trip to the Philippines in January 2012.
All proceeds and donations from this fund raising event will go to the following:
Ø  Cancer Facility for men, women and children
We will be distributing food, toiletries, and bags of groceries to the cancer patients, and toys, cookies, milk and candies for the children.
Ø  NOH-School for the Crippled Children
This is a government funded boarding school for poor children and young adults who are physically disabled. Most of the students that are attending this school have either missing body parts (i.e. legs, arms, etc.) or physical deformity, and some of them are not able to walk due to an illness or disability.
We will have a chance to give the young women of the school a make-over to pamper them for a day and haircut for the men. We will also give gifts and bags of groceries to all the students of the facility.
An assessment will be made on what type of help we can offer some of the students after the visit.
Ø  Medical Mission – General Santos City
This will be our first time to arrange a mission trip to General Santos City and will be serving in one of the poorest community in General Santos City. Four medical doctors and dentists will be hired to give medical and dental treatments to 300 people. We will be purchasing medications for the following:
o   Fever, headaches and cough medicines
o   De-Wormers
o   Vitamins
o   Antiseptics and scabies medications
We will also be distributing bags of groceries to the families and milk for the babies.
Thank you so much for your continued love and support to Hatid Biyaya! Not only will we be giving gifts but more importantly to share the love of Jesus and hope that only comes from Him!
Helen C. Roque and the Hatid Biyaya Mission Team

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