i’m not really into posting gifts i receive … oh shoot look at me new (insert gift here) #socialnetworkskindabreedmaterialism. BUT hahah i am a gifts person and i had to shout out these amazing gifts i got for my birthday 🙂

1. from the bf: a trip to disneyland with all the fixings & all the harry potter movies !!!! (did i turn 12 or 27?)

2. from ate kay: initials bracelets & the realization that me and my dad have the same initials N * B * R (i just teared haha)

3. from my mom: a surprise party for me and jill complete with food, family, friends, and wine! (sorry she put yall to work hana, dianne, & mel haha)

4. from my amazing, unbelievable, & i owe you the world friends & parents: a book archiving my writing & notes from people i love (thanks for the photoshop job dianne haha)

5. & from janelle: a painting of my family. damn you. you made me cry on my kitchen floor. hahahha i love you ❤


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