manifest. GO!!

haha im in a certain mood but cant really manifest it into reality. perhaps wonder .. or home (or my search for one) .. i have no clue. happy hunting.

almost there.

antique print



shower / bath / lotion / fresh pajamas

big comfy blanket


light tea

miles davis

found my lullaby

keiko matsui


cozy. cocoon. content.

maybe im just cold. hahaha


and it is liz

of course my return to blogging would be a result of valentines day.

a post on valentines day.

as a self proclaimed and recovering hopeless romantic (and might i add it is a very hopeless state indeed), i have always said about valentines day: “valentines day is a recipe for disaster for everyone. if youre not in a relationship, youre sad cuz your singleness turns into a disease. if youre in a relationship and youre a girl, your expectations are too high and you will be disappointed. if youre in a relationship and a boy, you’re stressed out cuz you have such high standards to reach.” easily said by the girl who has had many a 99 cent rose from 7eleven.

yet for the past few years, valentines day (be it my age or the growing concern of others that i am supposed to be at some type of marrying stage) has been clouded with anxiety and deep contemplation of fb status. but today, this changes. why? power106.

ha. i was driving this morning to buy some bagel n lox (had to slip that in because it was AMAZING) and big boy, liz, and tattoo were all talking about valentines day. i groaned a little but then liz (oh that luscious liz) said something that was so simple yet rocked my heart back into its right place, “don’t forget about the real meaning of valentines day, its about the heart.” damn. hella simple. haha .. but so true!

in that simple line, i decided that although yes, valentines day is a made up commercial holiday, why can’t we just celebrate love? why can’t we flip this commercial holiday and appreciate and love those who make us happy? love defined by scott peck has been, “The will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth” – to extend ones self to nurture growth. doesn’t exactly say to buy expensive gifts or dinners, nor to hate the responsibility of a relationship, nor to burn pictures and hate on those who are in love. but to nurture growth.

now im not saying rename the holiday to “nurture everyones growth day” but ahm jus sayin. why not take one day out of the year to focus on love? in a world full of violence, depressing statistics on education, injustice, rape, suicide – lets take one day to love each other. to love our parents, sisters, brothers, partner, friends, dog, community. that’s not so bad is it? lets stop making it about what we expect from life/love, but see what we can do for love. i mean thanksgiving was originally a mass masacre and rape of the native americans yet we flipped it to turkey and family time right? why not love day? (ok, its totally not the same in terms of our society’s serious case of historical amnesia but chu know what i mean)

i figure as i get older and hope for mature love, i need to cultivate this raw love first. self love. community love. love without roses and all that nicholas sparks mess. (dont get me wrong, i love that stuff – but sometimes it hurts more than it helps – thus, the term hopeless right?) i want to love love in its purest form. the way God intended it to be. patient, kind, full of grace – He didn’t make it with price tags, expectations, or meant for just your partner. it is simple and world consuming. inward out.

amazing this love stuff huh?

so with that, happy love day everyone =)

i love you for your presence in my life. and i thank you for the love you’ve shown me 🙂

see.. love is good for you ❤

ps new goals to add to the bucket list:

* grow a garden including my own herbs and spices

* learn the art of tea

* be on power106 and be the person that presses the noise maker button when liz does “and it is liz!?!?”